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IVC labs consultants have very deep expertise in all things Citrix. Whether you are looking to consolidate application delivery into the datacenter for security and compliance or build multi-tenant hosting environments; we have the expertise to design and implement the most complex, stable, and scalable Citrix environments. Citrix strong suites in Desktop and Application delivery can have a great positive impact on your business and show a significant ROI over traditional delivery mechanisms. IVC has worked extensively in Healthcare, Financial, Defense, Non-profit, and MSP industries. All of our consultants hold certifications, and have at least 8 years Citrix experience. Many also hold current US Gov't Security clearances.

When it comes to server virtualization VMware puts the competition to shame. IVC consultants have deep expertise in Vsphere, SRM, Vcenter OPS and View product lines. IVC can help your business implement a cost effective, elastic and scalable server virtualization solution from design to implementation. IVC consultants are all VCP certified and have at least 8 years of experience in the VMware product line.

IVC specializes in the under and overlying Microsoft technologies that support organizations in many diverse environments. Highly integrated into virtualization, IVC works closely with the core Microsoft technologies (AD, DNS, DHCP, DFS, Group Policy, Server OS, Desktop OS) to ensure proper and complete integration into your virtualization stack. With all of our consultants having a deep and long term Microsoft background you can rest assured that difficult Microsoft core technologies like multi site Active Directory environments or complicated DFS replication configurations are integrated properly following best practices.

IVC specializes in IT assessments focusing on Infrastructure. By performing a targeted assessment IVC can help you make better IT investment decisions, increase situational awareness and aide in meeting guidelines for Meaningful Use, HIPPA and other regulatory requirements. Our bottom-up assessment approach ensures that all layers of the infrastructure stack are closely assessed and analyzed. The Assessment deliverable is a condensed high level document without any marketing “fluff”. IVC also takes the guess work out by providing a short, medium and long term detailed solution to each challenge identified during the assessment. IVC has specialists to aide in consulting in Healthcare, Financial, Defense, Non-profit, and MSP industries.